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Jeep (Import)

For many years, the power of conquest, pure quality, pursuit of freedom and risks taking has become a significant feature of the brand Jeep ? and the Jeep ?brand';s SUV maintain the leading position around the world. Now, no other automobile manufacturer could provide series products as rich as Jeep?brand. In 1941, Willys-Overland Company delivered 1500 light reconnaissance vehicles named ";Willys Quad"; to the U.S. military. Then the improved ";Willys Quad"; was named ";MA"; and ";MB";, but the name Jeep ?finally made it a famous brand around the world. During the Second World War, Willys-Overland Company totally produced more than 368,000 Jeep ?vehicles. Can you imagine how it would be if Jeep ?floats in the water? The original use of Jeep ?was to cross the river, and it was the combination of off-road vehicles and small boats. And its designing idea came from a concept car with large inflatable tires of the British. However, it was easy to sink in the storm and can not load so much cargo, and it showed to be less in weight in the mud. Nevertheless, it still produced 12,700 sets. Subsequently, Jeep ?concept has been through a variety of different interpretations to meet the different needs of postman, ambulance drivers and the firefighters. During World War II, the first real Jeep ?which emphasized more on practicality was published. The vehicle produced during the World War II must be able to approach packing parts so as to assembled in different places crossed the ocean. So, the fanatical Jeep ?collector would prefer to pay more than 50,000 U.S. dollars for a case of complete, authentic Jeep ?parts. No matter whiter you are reminding the VJ-2 Jeepster produced more than half a century ago or amazing at the environment-friendly Jeep Treo which was appeared on the motor shows in Tokyo and Detroit, Jeep? as it was born in 1941, could always attract the people';s eyes and inspire their afflatus with its flexible and generic characters;; The former Jeep?has become a classic and today';s Jeep ?will be more brilliant. In the year 2008, Jeep ?brand have been put a number of series of Jeep?Vehicles, such as Jeep ?Commander, Jeep ?Grand Cherokee, the new Cherokee, Jeep 瓹ompass, Jeep ?Grand Cherokee 3.7L and 4 doors Jeep ?Wrangler, etc., at the same time, the company will also introduce 2 doors Jeep ?Wrangler In Chinese market. In China, Jeep ?brand would return to the high-end market through releasing these new products which coupled with classic and modern styles. And the Brand new Jeep ?Commander and Jeep ?Grand Cherokee would expand the Jeep ?brand to high-end SUV market, and new Jeep ?Compass would lead the brand enter into the segment market in China.