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Zhongji Subaru General Manager Li Jin Yong Discussed Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction

Source: Author£ºadmin Hits£º42340 Time£º2009/5/4 20:20:20

Question master: China automobile market, the world fastest growing automobile market, now has become the second largest automobile market (only after America) in the world. With rapid development of automobile industry, China also faces rising energy consumption and increasingly severe environmental problems. With the falling of the curtain of Beijing Olympic Games, we are still bound to continue keeping the promise for green Olympics, for this purpose, has recently launched officially series of talk shows for “We Are Duty-bound to Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction – China Green Automobile Enterprises”. Today, we are very pleasant to invite Li Jin Yong£¬Deputy General Manager of Power Diversity Automobile Trade Group, and General Manager of Zhongji Subaru Automobile Sales Co., Ltd to be a guest of
Li Jin Yong: Hello, every net friend of, today, I am delighted to communicate with you here and hope that it will help deepen your understanding on Subaru while learning about some work concerning Subaru’s energy conservation and emission reduction and environmental protection.

Question master: we know that, even though Olympic Games has ended several days before,  a feeling of immeasurable joy can be seen from television, people and vast majority of net friends, as one of torch bearers for Beijing Olympic Games, General Manager Li, can you tell about your felling at that moment and now¡¢

Li Jin Yong: the excitement lasted for several days, those including that you just mentioned made me very exciting. On the one hand, acting as torchbearer in Tianjin section is a glory for me, which, I think, indicates that enterprise has been recognized by local government and our Subaru has preliminary influence power in Chinese automobile market. It is honor for me to be torchbearer in centennial Olympic Games and meanwhile I think I am heavily burdened with social responsibility.

Question master: Olympic Games present each Chinese even each enterprise with the opportunity to demonstrate ourselves. We become aware that there are more responsibilities for us. One concern is possibly for automobile enterprises especially energy conservation and emission reduction. What can Subaru do on this aspect?

Li Jin Yong: With respect to this, we has engaged in this work since 2004 when Subaru was introduced in China. Firstly, all models of Subaru were subject to Europe¢ó emission since their introduction, actually, there were no requirements for this aspect in Chinese market. While National ¢ó is required in Chinese market, currently, all our Subaru cars sold in China have reached the standard National ¢ó, as matte of fact, Europe ¢ô. From the perspective of environmentally conscious emission, firstly, we respect Chinese market and consumers while having the desire to make contributions in improving Chinese environment.

Secondly, most of car models we introduced from Subaru are at the range of displacement 2.0 and 3.0. There is only one model with the displacement of 3.6 until now. Most part of car models especially those sold are those with displacement of 2.0, 70% of cars sold are those with displacement of 2.0. In this way, it is rational in using vehicles from energy conservation perspective. Meanwhile, with Subaru’s powerful technology, compared with other engines, one difference is that Subaru engine is horizontal engine with better performance in displacement generating relatively low emission while increasing horsepower and has series of advantages of being low in vibration, small in volume and weight., thus numerous car fans love this car. We responded to the State’s requirements by making improvements in Subaru’s energy conservation and emission reduction on many aspects.
Question master: with respect to s energy conservation and emission reduction, we know that consumption tax takes effect on September 1, which is the adjustment in policy. What impact will be for Subaru?
Li Jin Yong: certainly, there is some impact but not too much, because most of models of our Subaru are at the range of 2.0 and 3.0 in displacement, only one model has the displacement of 3.6, consumption tax for which has increased from 15% to 25%£¬resulting in increasing our costs by very large margin. With rising costs, we are also energetically making coordination with the manufacturer to lower delivery cost or taking other measures to lower retail cost as practically as possible. This is one aspect. Meanwhile, the car with displacement of 3.6 consumes small quantity of gasoline and its theoretical gasoline consumption is 11 litres which mean energy conservation for 3.0 SUV. I also drive such car now, its actual gasoline consumption is about 13 litres because urban road conditions are different.


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