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Power Diversity Group Bought Out Sales of Chrysler Sebring and 300C Available At Price

Source: Author£ºadmin Hits£º9287 Time£º2009/5/4 20:20:20

Beijing Jidongtong affiliated to Power Diversity Group £¨former Jidong Materials£©and Beijing Benz-Daimler Chrysler Automotive Co., Ltd (BBDC) jointly held large-scale press conference in Beijing on January 6, 2009, officially announcing that strategic cooperative partnership was established and overall marketing of Chrysler Sebring and 300C series models was exclusively under the management and operation of Power Diversity Group, which was the multidimensional cooperation between domestic carmaker and car dealer for the first time. According to relevant information, this batch of cars referred to Beijing Benz-Daimler Chrysler Automotive’s stock cars, among which there were 1,863 Chrysler Sebring in total, 1,411 300c in total.

Large-scale activity in which highest degree of offering preferential benefits occurred attracted more people’s attention in this strategic cooperation, with surprising maximum preferential benefits of 0.11 million yuan for 300c series model and 27-42 thousand yuan for Sebring series. For Sebring series with total price of more than 0.2 million yuan, the preferential benefit hit 50 thousand yuan, the ever highest level, which brought unprecedented high-end model driving and use experience to overwhelming majority of car consumers in China.
 Yanglin Tongqi, BBDC’s General Manager, suggested that the integration of advantageous resources of both parties not only enhanced the overall competitiveness of two pillar car enterprises but also enabled the rendering of more premium purchase experience and client services for users and clients through concerted efforts. Both parties would enter into cooperation in such resources as brands, models and channels to create a new mutually beneficiary and win-win, harmonious situation for Chinese pillar carmakers and large-scale car dealers.
Chrysler Sebring, the unique model, has the metallic texture of platinum and enjoys unique characteristics and high performance and enterprising spirit, which is tailor-made for the elites born in 1970s and achieving success in their enterprise and will inevitably be appreciated by the next generation of young talents. With brand-new positioning and philosophy, Sebring will inject new vitality into the turbulence among old models such as Camry, Accord, Mogotan and Roewe in the current increasingly competitive mid-level car and limousine market. The overall frontal line type design is mainly derived from Sebring roadster concept. Meanwhile, reference is made to design elements of many Airflite concept cars and Crossfire sports cars. This style is perfectly in harmony with 1970s’eliets’character of innovation, staidness, fashion and classics. Currently, Sebring is the latest series in its family.
Sebring reaches the highest rating (five star) as indicated in American NHTSA crash test. Besides front end pedestrian protection design, headlight’s automatic opening, high pressure headlight cleaner, 4-door boron steel anti-side-impact beam, emergency opening device in luggage case, ABS, EBD, TCS and BAS, Sebring also becomes the only model of the same class to be equipped with six air bags, EPS, intelligent Tire pressure monitor system and automatically dimmed inner mirror. Comprehensive safety design philosophy makes Sebring become one of most safe models of the same class.
 Price change is as follows:
Chrysler Sebring
Indicative price
(ten thousand)
Preferential price
(ten thousand)
(ten thousand)
2.0L standard
2.0L luxury
2.4L luxury
2.7L luxury
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Chrysler 300c
Chrysler 300c is the most typical represent of high-grade brands and currently one of highest competitive products among imported high-grade cars. Its enjoys such excellence being due to the following two aspects£ºirreplaceable uniqueness and highly competitive price. Amidst the trend under which high-class cars are generally added with movement elements to make it dynamic and the exterior appearance mellow and full, Chrysler 300c takes the path of classic even classic recovery style: muscle-shaped sturdy head, massy and robust sides, clearly edged tail and unconventional window proportion, which make it greatly different from any other high-grade car of the same class. Its magnanimous and elegant appearance substantially enhances its brand value. Anyone will be greatly impressed by it.
Corresponding to unique appearance is Chrysler 300c’s excellent power performance. Chrysler 300c is equipped with engines with displacement of 2.7L V6, 3.5L V6 and 5.7L HEMI V8. Even 2.7 300c is by no means inferior in terms of such performance as power and acceleration. 5.7 HEMI-V8 and 5-gear manual-automatic gearbox forge perfect transmission system to make it take only 6.4s to accelerate from zero to 100 kilometers and boast maximum speed of 250 kilometers/hour. Meanwhile, engine’s multi-displacement system is provided on Chrysler cars for the first time on global level, making HEMI-V8 engine achieve smooth conversion between 4-cylinder mode and 8-cylinder mode within 40 milliseconds and thus greatly improving fuel’s economical efficiency.
Price change is as follows:

Chrysler 300C
Indicative price
(ten thousand)
Preferential price
(ten thousand)
(ten thousand)
2.7L Executive
2.7L Standard
2.7L Navigation
3.5L Standard
3.5L Navigation
5.7L Standard
5.7L Navigation
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Power Diversity Automobile Trade Group
Founded in 1992, Power Diversity Automobile Trade Group (its predecessor: Jidong Materials) is the large-scale car distribution firm specializing in car sales services. Currently, the Group has 396 sales outlets and is authorized by 62 car brands and is ranked 238th among Top 500 Chinese Enterprises and has been awarded No.1 among Top 10 Car Sales Service Enterprises in China for several consecutive years. The Group has four Chrysler-authorized outlets including Beijing Jidong Dongtong, Jiangxi Beilian, Tangshan Jidong Guanglong and Qinhuangdao Longzhihao, which is always committed to rendering professional and standardized services for users and clients and are satisfactory to Chrysler consumers and enjoy high reputation. Advantageous multi-channel and multi-terminal linkage among carmakers and car dealers enables the presence of well-enhanced and more professional service experience in Chinese car market and more powerful image and publicity effect.