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Power Diversity Group Pays Focused Attention to Rural Market

Source: Author£ºadmin Hits£º9963 Time£º2009/7/6 10:23:27

The elements from lion, bird, leopard, tiger and human constitute one sculpture. Li Jin Yong, General Manager of Zhongji Subaru (Beijing) Automobile Sales Co., Ltd and President of Japanese Fuji Heavy Industries Co., Ltd jointly unveiled the curtain of the sculpture on the launching ceremony of Zhongji Subaru Tower on 14 March.

This Tower is located in Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area, on whose underground floor is one Subaru sales outlet which is the 65th one under Zhongji Subaru and also the sixth one in Beijing. Your exhibition hall was larger than that in our headquarters, said by the President when visiting the outlet accompanied by relevant personnel.

One Zhongji Subaru Training Center near Wufang Bridge being only 15mins drive from the sales outlet has just been put into operation. According to Li Jin Yong, it is the first dealer training center invested by dealer in China and covers an area of 10 thousand square meters and is provided with standard rooms for accommodation, training rooms, meeting rooms and car repair shops and is designed for launching regular training for Power Diversity Group’s Subaru dealers each year.

With the operation of Zhongji Subaru Tower, Power Diversity Group starts large-scale expansion in 2009.
Expansion, buyout, maintenance of sales volume
According to Pang Qing Hua, Chairman and General Manager of Power Diversity Automobile Trade Co..,Ltd (called Power Diversity Group for short), Power Diversity Group is expected to achieve 28 billion of sales volume by selling 270 thousand cars in 2009.

Last year, sales volume of Power Diversity Group reached 24.1 billion yuan and 230 thousand cars were sold. As observed from the data, the goal set for this year does not mean less challenges, especially it is absolutely not easy for Power Diversity Group to achieve the goal amid continuous unfolding of financial crisis.

For this purpose, conditions must be satisfied to reach the goal, said by Pang Qing Hua, the “conditions” referred to by him are channels. The launch of Subaru sales outlets is one aspect of embodiment of continuous expansion of sales network of Power Diversity Group.
Power Diversity Group will build additional 20 sales outlets which include part of commercial car outlets this year.

Of course, continued expansion of outlets is one of ways for achieving the goal of Power Diversity Group.

We also have other means for achieving the goal such as regional buyout, brand buyout, variety buyout, according to Pang Qing Hua. They exclusively sold 300 MG, which was responded with good results.

Power Diversity Group bought out the exclusive sales right of Chrysler Sebring and 300C in January this year. The exclusive sales price was 30 off at the time, more preferential terms may be available in selling. All Sebring cars were sold within one month, now few 300C have not been sold.

This is a conventional way. This year the State promulgated series of policies favorable for the automotive industry, in the extraordinary times, Power Diversity Group decided to take the advantages of policies to seek more development in a special way.
Bring cars to rural market
Pang Qing Hua said we decided to place emphasis on bringing cars to rural market.

Actually, Power Diversity Group has been making preparations for presence in rural market and has established rural sales network by taking Pang Qing Hua’s hometown, Luan County, Hebei Province, as the stronghold for extending to counties and developed towns. Only in Hebei Province, the number of Power Diversity Group’s sales companies for single SGMW brand has reached one hundred.
We also plan to set up 1000 “Service Homes” in rural areas, now one hundred have been built, confidently said by Pang Qing Hua, a dealer achieves nothing without understanding on rural areas and the availability of networks.

The so-called “Service Home” is the service station built by Power Diversity Group to the extent that the quantity of cars under some brand has reached certain standard in counties and villages.
The service station provides not only convenient car repair and maintenance services to clients but also the service platform for consumers and the place for information exchange as well as various after-sales and extended value added services to clients.
For example, after-sales services include provision of car purchase service card for clients for ease of repair and maintenance; value added services include provision of assistance to individuals specializing in freight transport in going through the formalities for being affiliated to transport organization and obtaining valid business license and transport information for clients.

This is the unique feature of Power Diversity Group and the embodiment of their competitive strength.

Even though the State has not yet promulgated the policies for providing 0.5-billion-yuan subsidies to farmers to purchase new vehicles and purchase on a barter basis vehicles, the rural market has displayed great potential. Only the sales volume of Wuling by Power Diversity Group hit 7800 in January. This was so vast market, said by Pang Qing Hua.
Three business segments advance shoulder to shoulder.
In 2008, the sales volume of cars under 18 brands for which Power Diversity Group acts as agent ranked No.1 in China, for example, imported Subaru, commercial vehicle Jiefang, SINOTRUK, Shaanxi Automobile, Allmand etc, sedan Shanghai Volkswagen, Beijing Hyundai, DYK, Chery etc, Fotonlovol, minibus Wuling, Songhuajiang and FAW-Jiabao etc.
This is what Power Diversity Group takes pride in; Power Diversity Group’s business consists of imported cars, commercial vehicles and passenger cars. The three business segments always equal each other in performance.

Extensive business coverage and balanced development enables the Group’s business to develop in a stable and fast manner and be immune to market fluctuations, which has been testified in the market. In 2004, domestic truck sales were good, in 2005, car sales improved with leaps and bounds, thus the overall profit of the Group always steadily increases. Last year, Power Diversity Group withstood the sweeping financial crisis with the help of imported cars and minibuses.
Pang Qing Hua told to journalist and summarized that Power Diversity Group would continue to apply the principle of balanced development in the future and the three strong business segments lie in not only the sales network of luxury cars and imported cars in big cities but also the sales network for selling vehicles suitable for farmers.