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Domestic Europe IV Engine into Production and Chinese Commercial Vehicle into West

Source: Author£ºadmin Hits£º9342 Time£º2009/7/15 9:26:28

China is gradually achieving the dream of distributing products in high-end markets automobile by upgrading the power of the vehicles, and the hampered situation in European and American markets by emission status will also be expected to be improved.

Yesterday, 400,000 engines of Beijing Foton Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. are formally off the assembly line. This kind of engine, in line with Europe ¢ô engines, will not only meet the domestic demand for commercial vehicles, but also to take responsibility for export overseas.

Zhang Xiaoyu, executive vice-chairman of China Machinery Industry Federation, believes that the production of Europe ¢ô standard engines will speed up the adjustment of industrial structure of light truck production and the industrial upgrade in China's commercial vehicles, and at the same time will do a good job in technological preparation for the domestic products to cover the global high-end market.

In fact, China's export automotive products can hardly be found in markets of Europe and the United States at present. It is the absence of the domestic low-emission, high-performance light diesel engine products that prevents China-made light trucks and MPV from breaking through the strict barriers of environmental protection and advancing into the markets of developed countries.

According to the analysis of people in this industry, the mass production of this engine will not only improve the domestic top-level power system and, more importantly, gain the permission into the markets of developed countries. That Foton and Cummins joint together to produce light diesel engines can break the current world's most stringent barriers of environmental protection, and accordingly move into the markets of Europe, America, Japan, South Korea and other developed countries.

However, some people think that China's auto export will face great challenges of security, service and all other aspects while breaking through environmental barriers in developed countries.