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Beijing Hyundai No.3 Factory is under planning to manufacture SUV including new Tucson

Source: Author£ºadmin Hits£º9350 Time£º2009/9/10 11:00:19
¡¡¡¡ The construction of Beijing Hyundai No.3 Factory is putting on the agenda for the producing capacity of 600 thousand can’t meet the rapid growth of the company. News released from the Beijing Hyundai yesterday (the 12th) said that, Beijing Hyundai No.3 Factory enters into the stage of preparation, which will be in Beijing too, with area and producing capacity equaling to or larger than the previous two factories. It is expected to be put into production at around 2012.
Recently, some overseas media reported that, Hyundai claimed to set up the third factory of whole vehicles in China, which may cooperate with other Chinese carmakers except Beijing Automotive. Yesterday, the people close to the situation said; no news about building up the No.3 Factory in China has been released, which is just the speculation of the media. If there were, it surely is to be a new factory of Beijing Hyundai. The insider said producing capacity of Beijing Hyundai will be tightening in the next two years; construction of new factory is under planning. Currently, they are waiting for the examination and approval of the government and this process goes smoothly. What he said is basically consistent with that the No.3 Factory will be launched next year and put into production in 2012, which was announced by the Hyundai.
It is understood that, Beijing Hyundai owns No.1 and No.2 factories of whole vehicles. Producing capacity of No.1 Factory is 300 thousand units. Annual output in Phase I of No.2 Factory is 200 thousand. Phase II of the project is expected to be completed in 2010, when the annual producing capacity will reach 300 thousand. Sales volume of this year is estimated to 500 thousand, which meets with the producing capacity. If new models are introduced later, its producing capacity will be a little inadequate. ¡¡
The people close to the situation said, the new factory will also be in Shunyi District, between the No.1 and No.2 factory, with design producing capacity larger than the existing two ones. YUD and i30, which will be put on the market in September, will be produced in No.2 Factory; the No.3 Factory that is under planning will be a main manufacturer for SUV like New Tucson. (Reporter Jiangyunhua and GuanNan)