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Qingdao Power automobile cultural plaza project contract

Source: Author£ºadmin Hits£º10625 Time£º2011/4/1 15:07:42

On the morning of March, 7th, Power Group and Qingdao Licang People’s Government co-signed a project of Qingdao Power Automobile Cultural Plaza at Beijing Subaru Hotel. Chairman and general manager of Power Pang Huaqing and Qingdao Licang Divisional Officer Zhangjie were the signed the contract representing two parties which marked the official start of implementation of this project. Power vice-general manager Hao Yang, General manager consultant and project director Sun Dazhi, Ludong Regional manager Wang Jingfeng attended the signing ceremony. Qingdao Power Automobile Cultural Plaza covers a area about 300 Mu, is a comprehensive plaza that contains car sales and relevant culture, entertainment and leisure, at same time, it is another Automobile Cultural Plaza project after it signed with Shanxi Datong, LiaoNing Shenyang and Hebei Shijiazhuang. ¡¡During the signing ceremony discussion meeting, Pang Qinghua expressed his thanks to the support and help from urban leaders of which the project lies. He said that Qingdao is a beautiful coastal city, has developed transportation and is highly modernized. After Qingdao Power Automobile Cultural Plaza is constructed, it will provide full range of services such as sales and maintenance, focus on luxury brands, constantly adjust its marketing philosophy and enhance its after service quality so as to make the plaza the highlight of this area and the brand of Power more popular among he public. Zhangjie said that Li Cang District will do its utmost to provide first-class investment environment, best policy and the best service for Power Group, the biggest car dealer nationwide which invests and constructs Power Automobile Cultural Plaza in Qingdao, to lay a solid foundation for the implementing and development of this project. I hope to cooperate with more companies that have strong power, large-scale and great potential like Power Group on promoting the development of local economy so as to better realize the win –win of government and enterprises. ¡¡ Power Group’s behavior of constructing automobile cultural plaza all over the nation can not only promote the development of itself but also improve the development of the auto industry to a great extent.