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Wuling sent its love to Xibaipo Red Cross Boai health Institute

Source: Author£ºadmin Hits£º10582 Time£º2011/4/1 15:08:16
¡¡¡¡ Recently, of Hebei Tongling Automobile Sales & Service Co.Ltd¡¯s five branch offices in Shijiazhuang, Langfang, Cangzhou, Luan County and Tianjin form a condolence group to sent their love to Xibaipo Red Cross Boai health Institute. Xibaipo lies in Pingshan County, Hebei Province, is the place where CPC led the people of the whole country and PLA to have decisive battle against KMP and built the Command Center of New China. Limited by its geographical environment, the economy development in Xibaipo is relatively backward and its medical condition lags behind too for which SGMW and Heibei Tongling Automobile Sales & Service Co.Ltd co-contribute to help set up Pingshan Xibaipo Health Institute, aiming at enhancing the medical treatment level of this revolutionary base area and contribute their responsibility to the public welfare cause. To ensure smooth going of this activity, the condolence group made a visit to Boai Health institute in the previous period to learn about its medical condition and drug demand so as to conduct drug purchasing accordingly and help more patient solve their problem. They also visited some local old Red Army soldiers, who were affected by their warmth in the middle of winter. The donation ceremony was held at Pingshan Xibaipo Boai Health Institute, what came first was Hebei Tongling Automobile Sales & Service Co.Ltd Luan County Branch Office Marketing Department Manager Miao made a speech representing the donors and handed the donated drugs to Xibaipo Boai Health Institute. Manager Miao said that Hebei Tongling Automobile Sales & Service Co.Ltd belongs to Power Group. For years, led by Chairman Pangqinghua and with pursuing excellence and repay the society as its everlasting aim, it makes its effort on building an excellent automobile sales and service brand and form the operate philosophy of ¡°Human-centered, Customer first, Integrity Founding, Integrity thriving¡±. It has received the support and acceptance from all circles of the society in recent years. A drop of grace has been rewarded, hope there will be more opportunities to repay the society. Up to now, there have been 2 Red Cross Boai Health institutes established in Shijiazhuang and Baoding and they hope to express their heart of contributing to the community through these activities. To express their thanks to this donation activity, Pingshan Xibaipo Boai Health institute sent to Hebei Tongling Automobile Sales & Service Co.Ltd the banner of honor, high praised for its behavior of donation and hope to make contribution to the society by their joint effort. After the donation ceremony ended, the 11 staff members from 5 branch offices of Wuling were divided into 3 groups to visit local old Red Army soldiers. At their homes, the staffs asked about their physical conditions and living conditions and gave them the basic living things, which showed their admiration towards those old Red soldiers. The old soldiers and their families also received them with warmth and told them revolutionary stories. The trip of public service came to its end in laughter.