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Beijing Jidongtong Were Granted Six Awards at the 2011 Chrysler Annual Business Meeting

Source: Author£ºadmin Hits£º10758 Time£º2011/5/10 16:03:47

Recently, Beijing Jidongtong Auto Co., Ltd., from the Chrysler section of Pang Da Group, won  six awards at 2011 Chrysler annual business meeting. The awards are:are the First in Bbsolute Value of Retail in the Country, the First in Marketing in the Country, the Top Ten Distributors in the Country, the Sixth in the Selling Jeep Wrangler in the Country, and the Top Ten Salesmen title taken by Sun Haojie and Cao Chenchen. Beijing Jidongtong once again earned the honors for Pang Da Goup.

In recent years, under the strong strength of the Group, Chrysler section has made great headways in the buyout and exclusive selling of Chrysler-made autos. Its buyout and exclusive selling of Chrysler and Sebring autos accumulated to more than 4,000, cementing the unparalleled position of Jidongtong in these models in the national market. This achievement is included into the classic cases of auto distribution. In November 2009, with the support from Pang Da Group, Beijing Jidongtong once again shocked the Chinese auto sales market by investing 260 million Yuan to buyout 1,010 Caravan cars. Using the marketing network of Pang Da Group across the country, Beijing Jidongtong sent dozens of sales teams to all the country for auto sales. It helped the buyout and exclusive selling of Sebring and 300C end successfully. Beijing Jidongtong once again rose to fame among Chrysler distributors.
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While making buyout and exclusive selling, Beijing Jidongtong focuses on services. In June 2009, Beijing Jidongtong pumped in 200 million Yuan to renovation and expansion of the customer seating area and a maintenance workshop, improving facilities and sharing success and quality with customers. In June 2010, Beijing Jidongtong passed the rigorous examination of Chrysler (China) to obtain the qualifications to establish Jeep clubs. Meanwhile, Beijing Jidongtong jointed Qinhuangdao Longzhihao, Yunnan Xinglin and Tangshan Jidongguanglong, 3 Chrysler distributors of the Chrysler section of Pang Da Group, to found the Pang Da Worldwide Travelling Jeep Club, a platform for Jeep owners to travel worldwide.

Having a comfortable environment, advanced repair equipment, comprehensive original parts and other facilities, Beijing Jidongtong has now been the largest distributor of Chrysler within China. The professional sales team of Beijing Jidongtong is able to provide consumers with professional and detailed explanation of vehicle performance. Its dedicated and hard-working after-sales service teams are always ready to offer 24 hours assistance and maintenance services to solve owners’ worries on their cars.