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45 Brands and 190 Styles of Automobiles Debuted Together in the ¡°2011 Spring Car Festival of Pang Da Group (Tangshan)¡±

Source: Author£ºadmin Hits£º11471 Time£º2011/5/10 16:15:31

From April 8 to April 10, the “2011 Spring Car Festival of Pang Da Group” held the grand opening in the Tang Shan Stadium. All automobiles of Pang Da Group, including 45 brands and 190 types, make their debuting together. Up to now, automobile types of Pang Da Group that takes part in this exhibition is the most. This festival makes the automobile distribution industry, news media and the mass consumers of Tangshan City to cognize the overall strength of Pang Da Group once again. Wang Yusheng, the assistant general manger of Pang Da Group, participated in the festival and delivered an address.

Before every booth of different brands, a large crowd huddles together and all consumers keep inquiry of price. The car exhibition has achieved its expected effect. During the car exhibition, more than 100 automobiles were booked or sold on the spot. Besides Mercedes-Benz, Audi China FAW, Acura, Volvo, imported Mitsubishi and other top brands, new brands such as Fujian Benz, Guangzhou Trumpche, DongFeng wealth and Zhengzhou Haima and so on also took part in this car exhibition. During the car festival, some new cars such as Benjing Benz E2001, Volvo S60, Dongfeng Yueda Kia K5, the eighth generation Sonata of Beijing Hyundri and so on all appear wonderfully on the stage, and they attract the chasing from lots of car fans.

“2011 Spring Car Festival of Pang Da Group” not only emphasizes the scope of the exhibition, but also pays more attention to the high quality and grade of car exhibition. This car exhibition is the biggest car show in Tangshan City this year. It offers a cherished chance for consumers to contact closely with cars of different brands. The car show makes everyone choose his favorite car more directly and conveniently.