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24 ¡°ChangAn Xingguang 4500¡± cars of Jidong An Xin are shining in Chengde LOLO Group

Source: Author£ºadmin Hits£º10610 Time£º2011/5/10 16:17:11
¡¡¡¡ Recently, cars assemble tidily in front of “Chengde ChangAn 4S store” of Pang Da Group Jidong An Xin. The franchised store sold 15 “ChangAn Xingguang 4500” cars to Chengde LOLO Group and the car delivery ceremony is held here with solemnity. This is the second time of the cooperation between Chengde LOLO Group and ChangAn. Until now, totally 24 cars have been delivered.
The manager of “Chengde ChangAn 4S store” introduces that as a new segment product in the field of commercial vehicle, the sales of “ChangAn Xingguang 4500” in his store have been in stable stat since its new arrival in the market. Recently, in order to acknowledge consumers, the store launched the “Five-caring” activities, and then visiting customers grew to an endless stream. After making careful selection among all sorts of car brands, Chengde LOLO Group purchases 15 “ChangAn Xingguang 4500” cars in succession. On the site of the Car Delivery Ceremony, the charging executive of Chengde LOLO Group showed a positive smile. He said to the media “the practical value of ‘ChangAn Xingguang 4500’ car is very high.  Its bran-new profile design breaks through the traditional impression of micro-car. It is very convenient to load and unload cargo because of the enough space. Compared to minibus, it is very fuel-efficient. Therefore, we purchase 15 cars in just one time. In the future, Chengde LOLO Group will continue to cooperate with Jidong Anxin.”
“Chengde ChangAn 4S store” was built in November 2010, and the size of this store is up to Bb Class. They actively develop new markets, achieve new breakthroughs, and dedicate themselves to make customers in Chengde happy and satisfied with their first-class service when they return.