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Pang Qinghua Met Zhao Fenglou--- the Mayor of Chengde City Both Sides would Boost a Further Cooperation

Source: Author£ºadmin Hits£º10566 Time£º2011/5/10 16:18:12

On April 16,, leaders of Pang Da Group, such as Pang Qinghua(chairman and general manager concurrently), Yang Jiaqing(deputy chairman and deputy general manager), and Zhao Yanling(manager of Jidong area), met Zhao Fenglou(the mayor of Chengde City) and leaders of relevant departments in the municipal government of Chengde city, who simultaneously had a conference together. Both sides said, they would boost the efficient cooperation of government and enterprises into a further extent, striving for a significantly meaningful outcome.

Mayor Zhao Fenglou’s inspection to the company was for profound opinion exchanging and discussion on the implementation of the Automobile Culture Square Program held in Chengde city. With the recently rapid development and expansion of Pang Da Group around the nation, Pang Da Group, as the main force of automobile selling business, takes the leading in proposing and implementing the automobile culture square construction. The Automobile Culture Square Program is an integrated square consists of automobile selling, after-sale repairing, recreation, catering and fitness services and so on. The launching of this program will have a certain promoting effect on spreading the knowledge, history, and culture of automobile, meanwhile developing automobile industry. The automobile culture square in Chengde city, leading a wider range of selling network, will add a brand new spotlight, and become a new landmark in automobile market.

During the conference, Mayor Zhao Fenglou analyzed the unique geographical location of Chengde and the regional development planning of automobile market in it in details. He also pointed out that the mountain slopes which are lower than 25 degrees shall become natural mountain car arenas, and meanwhile can be utilized for the slope tests, etc., hoping that Pang Da Group could make full use of overall advantages to implement the Automobile Culture Square Program well and efficiently.
Pang Qinghua said, he is grateful for Mayor Zhao Fenglou coming and giving guidance to Pang Da Group in person, and meanwhile for the vigorous support from municipal leaders of Chengde city. The Chengde Pang Da Automobile Culture Square was designed and hosted by Tsinghua University, and its magnificence, reasonable arrangement, all-ready facilities show people the impression of fashion and desire. This is a huge upgrade for the Pang Da Group’s strength of entire automobile selling and level of after-sale service. The most distinctive building is the Automobile Expo Center located in the square, which will become a never-closed automobile expo held by Pang Da Group in Chengde city. When the time comes, there will be various sorts of automobiles for customers to choose. Besides, Pang Da will set up an automobile technical college inside the square, which will recruit, teach and train students from Chengde city and even around the nation about the knowledge of automobile industry, further cultivating more senior automobile technical professionals for Pang Da Group and the society. Pang Da Group will adhere to the enterprise spirit of “Diligence, Strictness, Struggle and High Efficiency” to construct automobile culture square, aiming at serve the local economic development and the society stably. Moreover, we believe the cooperation between government and enterprises will be closer, realizing mutual benefits and win-win situation.