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A Lineup Led By Deputy Director Xue Jiang from CIRC Came and Investigated Pang Da Group Accompanied by Wang Yusheng, Li Xinmin, and other Leaders

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On April 20th, some relevant leaders, Xue Jiang( Deputy Director of Intermediary Department of CIRC), Shi Qiang(Director of Institution Bureau of CIRC), Wang Yi(Deputy Director of Hebei CIRC), Tao Menglin(Director of Tangshan Supervision Bureau of Hebei CIRC) and other leaders came and inspected Hebei Sheng’an Insurance Agency Company attached to Pang Da Group. They are accompanied by Wang Yusheng(Deputy General Manager of Pang Da Group), Li Xinmin(General Manager Assistant), Zhang Huajie(General Manager of Sheng’an Insurance Agency Co., Ltd) and other leaders.

The leaders from CIRC and those from Pang Da Group had a conference on the problem that Sheng’an Insurance Agency Co., Ltd confronted the problems when developing towards the whole country. Deputy General Manager, Wang Yusheng introduced the current business operation of Pang Da Group. Zhang Huajie, the manager of Sheng’an Insurance Agency, introduced the current operation of Sheng’an to the leaders from CIRC and the problems they met in the process of developing towards the whole country in details, which caused heated discussion and reached several consensuses at last.

After the meeting, the leaders visited several 4S stores--- Audi, Benz, Subaru, etc. in the Pang Da Group Automobile Culture Industry Park. During the visit, Deputy General Manager, Wang Yusheng introduced the idea for developing strategy to the leaders from CIRC in details, winning the high praise from the visiting leaders.