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Pang QingHua Enters China's Auto Industry in the 21st Century Summit, Winning the 6th Annual Car Figure of the 21st Century

Source: Author£ºadmin Hits£º11366 Time£º2011/5/10 17:48:27

On April 18, the 21st century peak summit of automobile industry of China, the sixth car annual figure in the 21st century and Classic car named awards ceremony take place in Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel Shanghai. Chairman and general manager of Pang Da Automobile Group attended the forum and share with everyone the marketing experience of the Chinese automotive industry for many years, analyzing the entire automotive market conditions in the term of professional financial media.
"21st Century Business report" sets up "21st Century Auto Club", and a thinking tank made up of the mainstream media editor, specialized advisory leaders, experts and scholars. By means of continuous salon and Summit activities, and the 21st century media platform, it will become China's leading automotive industry "think tank”, which includes high-level vehicle manufacturers, auto industry executives and others, Forum is not only concerned about the automobile manufacturers, and more concerned about the whole car industrial chain, involving car circulation, auto parts, auto market after the areas, so as to actively promote the orderly and healthy development of the whole automobile industry chain,
What is the background of the second industrial consumption chain to promote the automotive industry to come? What is the demand for financial services of the second automobile industry consumption? How can financial services play a role in this process of the advent of consumer? During this forum about "the driving force of the second private car consumption", under the auspices of Chen Wenkai, CEO of Gasgoo, Cheng Shaoyong, vice president of Bank of Communications in detail credit management, Zheng Zhiyong, assistant general manager of Bank of Communications Company in institutional business, Pang, Qinghua, chairman and general manager of Pang Da Automobile Group Co., Ltd., ,and Xu Yulin, deputy general manager of Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd, heatedly discussed and exchanged ideas of financial development features in Europe and America and other developed automotive countries. They also talked about the effects on China's auto dealer financing channel model by the auto dealer finance and the strategic position and future development issues.

The forum is called a rare live communication session of China's top auto industry, attracting the relevant auto giant, spare parts manufacturers, auto dealers, high-end business people, experts and scholars. This forum is about the trend of the global automobile profession overall development, how to grasp the opportunity of Chinese automobile industry, and solution to meet challenges. Meanwhile, it will give each automobile jobholders and the automobile industry related enterprise the most recent enlightenment.
Meanwhile, the sixth session of the 21st century automobile yearly character and outstanding private car evaluation magnificent award ceremony is full of representatives from Toyota, Kia, BMW and Jeep Grand Cherokee: Chrysler, Mercedes - Benz and other business-related. As one of the key markets of "21st Century Business report ", "the 21st Century Automotive Annual Meeting" involves the car selected elite, elite car test drive, car named yearly Person, Auto Salon (upstream and downstream of the automobile Enterprise-based), and other activities..

Pang Qinghua won the Sixth Car Man of the Year, interviewed by the relevant media after the award. He appreciated the support of the "21st Century Business report "and various sectors in recent years, Pang Da Automobile Group becomes China's largest dealer of automotive distribution industry, relying on the belief of good faith management, the customer first", with the top management to create first-class Sales network, with first-class service to create first-class brands. Finally, he added the staff of Pang Da Group would lead the large Group to struggle for the top 100 Chinese enterprises, the top 500 world’s enterprises.