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Pang Da Group Boosts the Closing Ceremony of the Tangshan¡¯s Third Session of Television Calligraphy Competition Completely

Source: Author£ºadmin Hits£º10562 Time£º2011/5/10 17:49:46

On April 24, in order to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the establishment of the Chinese Communist Party, thoroughly implement the spirit of the seven-eighth plenary session of municipal Party committee, continue to carry forward the traditional culture, speed up the construction of cultural city of Tangshan, and enrich cultural life of the people in Tangshan City, Tangshan hosted the "Third Tangshan City TV Calligraphy Competition " sponsored by the Tangshan Literary Federation, Pang Da Group, Tangshan Television, Tangshan City Calligraphers Association ended successfully. What’s more, the municipal government and Pang Da group attach great importance to the calligraphy competition and the deputy mayor, deputy director of Municipal People's Congress Propaganda executive, honorary chairman of City Calligraphers Association and vice president of Pang Da group Wang Yusheng and other leaders attended the closing ceremony.

At 2:50 pm, Tangshan Vocational and Technical College auditorium is filled with visitors, the leading leaders in calligraphy, scholars and fans to witness the lovers’ brush calligraphy style. The competition is divided into three Groups: Group of children, the elderly Group and young Group, with larger age span. Participants are from 6-year-old children to high-old man 81 years old. They change their own calligraphy pen into a vigorous strong official script, regular script, small seal script and other characters, so that the audience feel calligraphy charm of the Chinese nation, a dazzling display to win their recognition of the judges and audience acclaim.Their splendid display has won the praise of appraisal committee and cheering of audience.

In addition, this competition brought about its first and second prizes, and excellence award, Wang Yusheng awarded honorary certificates and trophies for outstanding players, adding Pang Da group as China's largest auto dealers, supported and loved by the Tangshan Municipal Committee, City government and all the friends over the years. Pang Da group also has never forgotten the love of hometown, always adhered to the aim of the "back to society, serve society” development, fulfill social responsibilities and obligations as a distributor, devoted itself to Tangshan cultural development to make its own contribution. Pang Da group is lucky to host the third TV Calligraphy Competition, thus thanking the trust of the municipal government to Pang Da group. We will not only continue to struggle and strive for the development of various undertakings in Tangshan and make greater contributions, but also heartfeltly wish this contest had a complete success. At last, I wish each athlete to achieve excellent results.

At the end of the contest, honorary president of Calligraphy Association made comments on every player playing along with this game, while seven judges also presented their own calligraphy on stage, which pushed this competition to the top and receive bursts of applauses of the audience. The relevant leaders said that they were very grateful for Pang Da group to make a huge contribution to the development of Tangshan as a national leader in the field of car sales, especially the cultural construction. In the former calligraphy competition, Pang Da group made a great effort and achieved good results, wishing Pang Da group to make more progress in the coming days, reaching a higher level, creating the next exciting miracles, and adding luster to the Tangshan people. It is reported that the best players of the first prize will participate in the national calligraphy competition on behalf of Tangshan city, or Hebei province to create the coming miracle.