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Pang Da Group wins numerous prizes during the third service skills competition held by Haima Group, Shijiazhuang Haima Company successfully passed for the national finals

Source: Author£ºadmin Hits£º10617 Time£º2011/10/31 10:32:05
¡¡¡¡ In the morning of September 7, the third Service Skills Competition held by Haima Automobile made the grand opening for the branch competition site in the 4S store of Huarui Haima, Shijiazhuang of Pang Da Group. Service people coming from every shop in the North division are gathered here to show their capabilities through this competition. Four shops under Pang Da Group, including Pang Da Jun Chi in Tangshan, Haima in Chengde, Pang Da Jun Ma in Baoding, and Huarui Haima in Shijiazhuang participated in this competition. This competition lasted for two days and finally, the Huarui Haima in Shijiazhuang passed the competition to run for the national finals with the participants of Li Yang, the service consultant, Zheng Chunming, maintenance technician, and Zhao Hekang; Li Chaolin, the service consultant, Wang Jiangang, the maintenance technician, and Zhang Peng from Pang Da Jun Ma in Baoding won the Third Prize. Besides,  Li Yang from Huarui Haima in Shijiazhuang, Liu Congbing from Pang Da Junchi in Tangshan, and Bi Liguang won the individual incentive prize; Zheng Chunming, the maintenance technician from Huarui Haima in Shijiazhuang, and Zhao Hekang won the first prize for maintenance technician competition. The uncountable honors underline the high services skills of Pang Da Group.
This competition was held with teams from each shop with team A and team B. Service consultants and maintenance technician will have separate competition for theory and practice and the highest total score for each shop will be entitled to continue the competition for national finals. On the launching ceremony in the morning of 7, Fu Xiaowen, the management director of Haima Automobile, and Chen Jiansheng, the manager for Huarui sales services shop from Haima Automobile of Pang Da Group, presented in the ceremony and made speech.
Fu Xiaowen, the management director of Haima Automobile, expressed that the third Services Skills Competition of Haima Group is held for the service staff from each sales service shop around the country. This competition includes three phases, mass competition, branch competition and final competition. Branch competition will be held in seven locations and then the service consultants and maintenance technicians from 4S shops around the country will run for the competition for the national finals. Each division will choose out two sales service shops, and there will be 7 branch competitions including 14 sales service shops for the finals of the national champion. The purpose of this competition is to increase communication among after-sales business departments, so as to further improve service quality and enhance customers’ satisfaction degree.
Chen Jiansheng said, “In order to enhance satisfaction degree, our shops introduced lots of family polices. Any customers who have put forward suggestions towards sales services will be granted a beautiful gift. We will be urged to be more rigorous in our daily work and after-sales services, enhancing our customers’ loyalty consequently.”