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New Korando is released in Beijing by Pang Da Ssang Yong with expected sales of ten thousand vehicles

Source: Author£ºadmin Hits£º11244 Time£º2011/10/31 13:41:46
¡¡¡¡ On September 22nd, Ssang Yong Automobile (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, Pang Da Ssang Yong (Beijing) Automobile Sales Co., Ltd, and Shenzhen South China Automotive Services Co., Ltd jointly held new automobile conference in Yishuyuan, Yihaodi, and Chaoyang district in Beijing. Ssang Yong Automobile grandly introduced new Koran do to the Chinese market.
Li Yuyi, the Corporate President of Ssang Yong Motorcycle Ltd., Cui Zhongzhi, the vice president, Jin Shenglai, the General Manager of Ssang Yong Automobile(Shanghai) Co., Ltd, Xu Boqin, Sales Director for Brand Marketing, Pang Qinghua, the Chairman of the Boards and General Manager for Pang Da Automobile Trading Co., Ltd, Li Jinyong, the Executive Directors and Vice General Manager for Pang Da Automobile Trading Co., Ltd, and Zhang Baojiang, the General Manager of Pang Da Ssang Yong Automobile Sales Co., Ltd, attended this marketing activity.
New Korando is the major style of Korea Ssang Yong Automobile after returning to Chinese markets this June. The release of the new style signals the second radiance of Ssang Yong automobiles in Chinese market. On June 8th this year, Ssang Yong Automobile signed master distribution agreement for north and south markets with Pang Da group and SSCA respectively. In the agreement, Pang Da group takes charge of the sales and services in 21 provinces and cities in north China, SSCA takes charge of the sales and services in 9 provinces and cities in south China. Thereafter, Ssang Yong Automobile opened her new chapter in China.
In the activity site, Pang Qinghua, the Chairman of the Boards and General Manager from Pang Da Group, made his speech to the guests. Li Jinyong, Executive Directors and Vice General Manager, announced the price of new Korando. From the date of new vehicle conference, this type will start to sell in Ssang Yong automobile shops all over the country. The new Korando entering into Chinese market this time includes five diesel powered vehicles of two-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. New Korando are all equipped with DVD navigation system with selling price ranging from 179.8 thousand to 259.8 thousand. New Korando will win the confidence of Chinese customers with high cost performance.
It is understood that Ssang Yong Automobile has rich experiences in developing and producing military vehicles and sport utility vehicle, which has laid irreplaceable positions in the SUV markets in Korea. The following cooperation with Benz Automobile successfully improved the diesel power technology. As a multi-functional four-wheel drive vehicle, it inherited the essence of military JEEP with excellent cross-country performance and comfortable seating. It achieved good sales performance after great shocking in Korea and international market. And then the vehicle of KoreandoFamily developed in 1988 became the first real SUV vehicle produced by Korea, opening the new era for Korea SUV vehicles. The new Korando released in the Chinese market is the fourth generation to this series, and it leads Ssang Yong brand into a popular style, and also sets up the new model for metropolis SUV vehicles.
Before the marketing conference, media reporters all over the country made special interview with Pang Qinghua, Chairman of the Board of Pang Da Group, Li Jinyong, Vice General Manager, and Zhang Baojiang, Pang Da Ssang Yong Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. Reporters learned that Pang Da will make some changes concerning consumers after handover Ssang Yong, such as prolonged quality warranty period, new services measures, dealers improvement, introduction of gasoline Korando in the coming year.
Pang Qinghua expressed frankly during the interview that it is not preferred to copy Subaru mode without any changes whereas the purpose of pursuing excellent products and services are remained the same. Pang Da Group will draw out new policy based on new products. He said also that Ssang Yong brand will achieve the emergence in China at the end of this year. As far as expected sale concerned, Pang Qinghua said that the expected sales by Pang Da are 13,000 vehicles among which Korando occupies half. Until 2013, the sales of Ssang Yong vehicles will reach 30,000 to 50,000 and entered into top ten imported brands list.
Li Jinyong also talked about dealers’ quantity development in total, he said there are 28 applications for dealers, and they will develop 50 dealers and 60 as best at the end of this year, develop 100 dealers before the end of 2013. Besides, they will develop direct selling company in the future.
Li Jinyong said that Ssang Yong brand products under the management of Pang Da and SCAC in the future can enjoy 3 years or 60 thousand kilometers of quality warranty which has 1 more year than the policy before. Li Jinyong said also that Pang Da will adopt a series of new services measures and policies in the future. The items under development currently include presenting old users a maintenance valuing £¤700 to £¤1000  for free, presenting old users one year of roadside assistance for free which has started from September 1, presenting new users one year of road side assistance which targets mainly the range within 150 kilometer of radius to the service site, building new 4S with new standards to reach a new requirement in function, facility and services quality. In the meantime, they will expand the development of vehicle chain project, such as enjoying the services of foot therapy or free internet while waiting for vehicle maintenance.
The release of new Korando will become the milestone of the reselling in the Chinese market of Ssang Yong vehicles. The vehicle type carrying highest hopes will play an important role in setting up new brand image to Ssang Yong vehicles and developing Chinese market for the second time. We have reason to believe that the new Korando is definitely to win the confidence of Chinese consumers for it combines fashionable appearance, spacious space, excellent power performance, economic fueling and superior environmental achievements. Pang Da Group with rich experiences in selling importing vehicles will surely be successful in the sales performance.