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Pang Qinghua meets Makoto Inoue, Chairman of the Board of China and Corporate Executive Vice President to ORIX Corporation

Source: Author£ºadmin Hits£º11159 Time£º2011/10/31 13:42:12
¡¡¡¡ On September 24th, Makoto Inoue, Chairman of the Board of China and Corporate Executive Vice President to ORIX Corporation, came to Beijing Zhongji Subaru Building to visit and communicate with Pang Da Group. Pang Qinghua, the Chairman of the Board and General Manager to Pang Da Group, Cai Sujia, the vice General Manager, Wang Yan, secretary to boards, Chen Yifu from business department, and Yang Mingxian from planning department welcomed Makoto Inoue and both parties had meeting together.
Pang Qinghua reviewed the history of cooperation from first meeting to current cooperation; both parties have been actively preparing for the cooperation in car renting and Automobile Park, and he also showed his happiness about visit of Makoto Inoue to further discuss and communicate about cooperation. He expressed that along with the rapid expansion and development in recent years, Pang Da Group is more scientific, comprehensive, and international in distribution methods and business managements. Pang Da Group has become the automobile dealer who has the largest scale, best service quality, and highest reputation and awareness. The development and exploration of Pang Da Group will play a critical role in automobile circulation industry.
Makoto Inoue commented and praised highly about the achievements and development. He hopes that the car renting project can be initiated between ORIX group and Pang Da Group, enabling more users to maximally enjoy the conveniences brought about by the platform provided by both parties.
During the meeting, Pang Da played the automobile cultural square video initiated and constructed by Pang Da to the guests. Pang Da Group is planning to establish 20 comprehensive automobile cultural squares around the country integrated with automobile selling area, automobile cultural park, automobile cultural mall, automobile selling and services center, automobile club, automobile training school, second-hand automobile exchange market, together with supporting facilities, such as star hotel, and parking elevators. Makoto Inoue said that he is confident that the business cooperation with Pang Da Group will open up broad outlook, and he hopes to establish a joint venture to better develop the business between both parties.
On the same day, Pang Qinghua also accompanied Makoto Inoue and business senior managers to visit the Beijing Jigui Shanghai Volkswagen boutique and Beijing Wufangqiao Zhongji Subaru boutique. From sales show room to after-sale maintenance workshop, every employee warmly welcomed our guests, which is very impressive for guests.
It is reported that Japanese ORIX Cooperation, established in 1964, is the biggest non-bank financial intermediaries and the largest comprehensive financial services group. ORIX has business in 27 countries and regions involving in the business of business insurance, trust bank, bonds, consumer finance, investment bank, real estate finance etc. Along with the rapid economy development in China, especially under the background that Chinese economy rebounds first globally after China’s effective response to international financial crisis, ORIX made the decision to choose China as priority investment area and especially with Pang Da Group, a well-known company in China with strong strengths.