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Pang Da Group Donates Koi Fish to Luannan Beihe Shuicheng

Source: Author£ºadmin Hits£º10964 Time£º2011/10/31 13:42:39
¡¡¡¡ In the morning of September 22, Pang Da Group donates koi fish to Luannan Beihe Shuicheng. The ceremony was held in the dock Square of Beihe Park. Zhang Guodong, the county secretary to Luannan County, Xu Xiaojuan, vice secretary and acting county head attended the donation ceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Zhang Yunjiang, the vice country head, and Wang Yusheng, the vice General Manager of Pang Da Group donated the koi fish on behalf of company and made speech during the ceremony. Wang Xueguo, the office executive of county party committee, management office of Beihe newly liberated area received the donation on behalf of Beihe Shuicheng and expressed his thanks. The head of related departments, including government office, county party committee office, propaganda department, traveling office, finance bureau, housing bureau, and water bureau, attended the donation ceremony including the crew from management office of Beihe newly liberated area. Liu Hongtian, the General Manager from Tangqin district of Pang Da Group, Zhang Boxiong, Branch Manager of Luannan, and Li Hong from Tangshan Jidong Automobile Exchange Market attended this ceremony.
Koi fish is gentle in nature and prefers to swim in groups. It lives in the water temperature between 5-30¡æ and has strong adaptation to water temperature. It is one kind of high class pet fish that has gained worldwide popularities, and has the good name as living stones in the water, swimming artwork. It is easy to reproduce and to be fed, it has mixed food requirement and low requirement about water quality; it gained the favor and popularity from people. After the donation ceremony, management office of Beihe newly liberated area will release 200 koi fish valuing about 30 thousand Yuan around Beihequ Bridge, and will take good care of them for public display.
The donation of koi fish made by Pang Da Group to Beihe Shuicheng added more beauty to the watering travelling projects in Beihe Shuicheng. It will surely strongly push the development of Beihe Shuicheng, and speed up the implementation process of cultural sightseeing industry in Beihe Shuicheng. After the ceremony, Wang Yusheng accompanied Secretary Zhang Guodong to inspect the construction of Pang Da Automobile City in Luannan. Zhang Guodong said that thanks for the supports from Pang Da Group in economy construction in Luannan area, Luannan citizens are able to enjoy high level automobile services and they will strongly support the development of Pang Da Group in Luannan area. For many years, besides high quality automobile products and high quality services, Pang Da Group also actively joins various public services, making contribution to harmonious development in economy and society. In environmental field, Pang Da Group responds the policy about environmental protection and organizes cadres and employees to join the public services, making contribution to the development of harmonious society.