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The exhibition tour of Pang Da Group further pulls the golden September and silver October season

Source: Author£ºadmin Hits£º11241 Time£º2011/10/31 13:43:41
¡¡¡¡ For recent years, automobile exhibition tour has become the best platform for Pang Da Group to promote products and occupy market. As the signal of turning from slack season to busy season in the second half of the year, the automobile exhibition tour during the National Day is regarded as the attacking horn to the markets for the second half of year. New cars keep emerging into the markets and old cars are promoted with lowered prices. In this platform, Pang Da Group owns new strategic weapon in occupying golden markets.
September 22, Tangshan Stadium is crowded with people. The first automobile exhibition tour in 2011 opened up in online automobile market in Tangshan as cosponsored by Pang Da Group. This exhibition tour involved nearly 21 brands under Pang Da Group including KIA, Shanghai Volkswagen, FAW-Volkswagen, Nissan, Yiqi Mazda, Beijing Hyundai, Guangqi Honda, Dongfeng Honda, Changan Mazda. The exhibition area occupies 2/3 of the whole hall; it shows the strengths of Pang Da Group. From September 25 to 27, the Cool Car Pioneer Autumn Automobile Exposition created by Pang Da Group Culture Media Company was held in the Time Square of Luanxian, providing an automobile feast to citizens. Li Xinmin, the GM assistant, presented in the meeting and made speech. He also investigated about the automobile situations. It is understood that the Qianan automobile exhibition will be held on schedule on October 1, and numerous brands under Pang Da Group will be presented at that time.
During each automobile exhibition, various kinds of brands and car types under Pang Da Group attracted many consumers who came to inquiry price, configuration and performance of their favorite cars with sales advisors. Sales advisors answered all of their enquiries one by one and told them about the details to pay attention during daily use. Their service spirit won the praise from customers.
On the site of automobile exhibition in Tangshan, Uncle Zhang from Fengrun district told us that he just wanted to choose his favorite car type for today’s exhibition. His son decided to buy a car for him to pick up his granddaughter. He came here once he knew there is an exhibition in stadium today. He happened to meet a sales advisor from Yiqi Mazda under Pang Da Group. The service attitude of the sales advisor made him feel pleased. Young people nowadays with good working attitude made seniors amiable.
In the site of automobile exhibition in Luan County, the wonderful performance delivered by the New Era Arts Ensemble was shown from time to time. The wonderful performance by artists gave radiance to this automobile exhibition when classic songs brought back the audience into the old memories, vivid modern dancing attracted the attention of many young people. In this way, the exhibition was gaining high popularities.
It is learned that Pang Da Group, as the largest automobile dealer nationwide and aircraft carrier for automobile circulation industry, is always committed to make her contribution to social undertakings. Pang Da Group is proactively involved in various activities held by social community, which is followed by praise from social circles and the good awareness of her good brands and services image. Li Xinmin said in the exhibition hall in Luan county that as the sponsor company, Pang Da Group has many brands to join the exhibition. He would like to extend his thanks to the consumers in Luanxian for their strong supports, and also he wished the exhibition can achieve good results together with successful ending of this exhibition.