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Employees in Jia Bao area of Pang Da group promoted successfully to the regional competition of China FAW Marketing Skills Contest

Source: Author£ºadmin Hits£º11785 Time£º2011/10/31 13:44:49
¡¡¡¡ Recently, the marketing skills contest held by China FAW Group started in many provinces and cities, which comprised five sections, including storefront contest, neighborhood contest, regional contest, brand contest and final contest. Sales consultants and service advisers of all dealerships in Jia Bao area of Pang Da Group achieved excellent results in neighborhood contest, sales consultants such as Zhang Yaling, Geng Mengmeng, Xie Yulu,Wu Qiong, Zhang Hongwei, Hu Yongjie, Li Juan, Yang Guangwei, Song Wenxu, and service advisers such as Zhao Zengxin, Yuan Wenxuan, Sun Jianwei, Zhang Meng, Kang Wenqi, Li Si, Yang Yi, Yin Jiaxin, Yue Liangfei, Zhao Qian, Yang Zequan, totally 20 employees promoted to the regional contest, 7 service advisers among whom undertook the whole promotion quota of Hebei Province, showing the excellent service skill of Pang Da Group.
As we knew, the neighborhood contest divided into units by provinces and cities, for example Tianjing, Liaoning, Neimeng, Hebei, Sichuan, and Shanxi provinces conducted theory and practice contest successively, all competitors would strive for the promotion qualification of people according to their total score. With the neighborhood contest proceeding continually, news that competitors from Jia Bao region of Pang Da Group rose in rank one after the other came to each dealership, boosting contest enthusiasm and team morale of all employees. Though achieved excellent results in neighborhood contest, they never keep a slack hand, and insisted in discussion about the contest and differences between contest and practice in regional contest training group after work. Every evening, they would practice 20 minutes perseverely, laying a solid foundation of this regional contest.
Regional contest in Tieling held in September 16 as scheduled, service advisers Zhao Zengxin, Yuan Wenxuan promoted successfully again by virtue of their professional technical expertise, starting the competition journey, then sales consultants Zhang Yalin, Geng Mengmeng, Xie Yulu from competition area of Shi Jiazhuang, service advisers Sun Jianwei, Zhang Meng, Kang Wenqi, and Li Si succeed to promote, and service advisers undertook the whole quota of promotion once again.
After the competition, selected contestants summarized in time, for example, Geng Mengmeng said, though contest is just a form, he learned a lot during the experience. No matter job or life, he always treat them experience and toughening.
CaiChengjun, general manager of Jia Bao region of Pang Da Group, felt really happy and proud that we won victory in the first battle, and the competition is continued, we still have brand contest and final contest waiting for struggle. No matter our players’ performance in the contest, their spirit of insistence and courage are worth the compliment. We aim at to obtain service thoughts, and to help all employees improve service consciousness, service quality and customers’ satisfaction through this valuable contest.