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Enjoying Great Achievement, Sharing Wonderful Happiness and Welcoming a Significant Unification of Ao Shuo and Le Ye --A Sincere Return Banquet to Clients hold by Le Ye and AoShuo in east of Hebei jointly

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¡¡¡¡ An activity themed as "Enjoying Great Achievement, Sharing wonderful Happiness and Welcoming a Significant Unification of Ao Shuo and Le Ye"--a sincere return banquet held by Le Ye in Tangshan, East of Hebei and Ao Shuo Audi in Tangshan jointly in AoShuo City Exhibition Hall of Tangshan at half past three in the afternoon on September 24. We keep a gratitude heart to benefit all friends paying close attention to Audi and to welcome a significant unification between Ao Shuo and Le Ye. Over 200 people including Audi owners from all counties and cities of Tangshan, media representatives and people from all walks of society enjoyed a peace and cheerful afternoon get together, to finish the warm return banquet in a joyous and thankful atmosphere.
A passionate dance drew an open of the activity. As the host introduced, as a new member of Pang Da Group, Tangshan Ao Shuo will pass professional service of Audi to every customer with the join hand of Le Ye, east of Hebei, Tangshan. On the LED screen, is showing the development experience of Tangshan Ao Shuo. Tangshan Ao Shuo Car Sales Service Co.,  Ltd located in No.69 Tangfeng Road, Fengrun Region, Tangshan. With an area of 11,808 square meters, the company rolled into one of brand car experience, model type show, new car sale, maintenance service, original accessories supply, after-sale service and second-hand Audi car exchange etc. Furthermore, it is the first brand new world-class franchised dealer of Audi Terminal--authorized by Volkswagen Audi manufacturers in Hebei province.
With so many expectations, a big lucky prize Audi bicycle selected out by Qin Lixue, manager of Tangshan Ao Shuo, and the owner is a lady from urban area. She said that service from Tangshan Audi made every client come and return with satisfaction and happiness.
It is said that "Eminent.Pleased "service idea is the new globalization strategy of Audi looking forward to the future. This strategy aims at service concept that "bring customers happiness from the bottom heart by wholehearted excellent service", endue the whole service course with core values of "professional, honorable, and pleasant". "Professional” value is embodied in the integrated global service system of Audi; it will provide you safe, assured and optimal solution, to show their professional worth. "Honorable" value reflected in top grade service facility and content, bringing you respectable experience and individual enjoyment out of your expectation, passing honorable value fully and wonderfully. "Pleasant" value will show in every service detail and design from Audi taking great care of both you and your lovely car, providing you joy and happiness constantly, thus is what we called pleasant value.
Tangshan Le Ye, east of Hebei and Ao Shuo will in accordance with service concept of "Eminent.Pleased" from Audi, devoting themselves to provide professional, honorable and pleasant service of top grade car to every car owner in Tangshan; Governed by the principle of "pleased others by wholehearted service", abode by Audi global service standard, assigned technical facility and personnel, and bring all customers best service solution safely, accurately and comfortably.