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Subaru of central Hebei settled in Erenhot

Source: Author£ºadmin Hits£º11860 Time£º2011/10/31 13:45:41

Recently, Subaru of central Hebei subbranch started in Erenhot ceremoniously. All new and regular customers and clubbers of Subaru participated in this opening ceremony.
The subbranch of Subaru in Erenhot is attached to Subaru 4S shop of Xilinhot, established in Xinlingele Meng Erenhot. Erenhot is located in the right north of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, facing with Zamyn-Uud Mongolia, with only 9 km between each other, which is also the only railway port bordered on Mongolia, with economy developing rapidly, consumption level per people increasing quickly and market potential improving greatly. Since the Erenhot subbranch has been started, it is not only convenient for customers to buy car in the local area, but improve sales achievement and popularity of Subaru in Xilingele Meng. 
Subaru subbranch of central Hebei in Erenhot allocated with excellent after-sale service staff to guarantee that customers can enjoy service of high-quality and convenient at the home border, and avoid of long journey weary of maintenance to Xilinhot.