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Pang Da Group is entitled as ¡°the Most Trustworthy Credit Enterprise¡± once again

Source: Author£ºadmin Hits£º11814 Time£º2011/10/31 13:46:22
¡¡¡¡ Recently, Pang Da Automobile Trade Co., Ltd was entitled as “the most trustworthy credit enterprise” by Tangshan banking industry, greatly improved its popularity in financial business. With the developing and expanding of network operating size of company constantly, financing business is also increasing. On the basic of making fully use of existing fund, financial department updates their train of thought, and exploits financing channels proactively. At present, it has credit operations with many banks. Pang Da Group builds up an image of honesty and integrity by working hand in glove with many banks.
The activity of "appraise and elect of the most trustworthy credit enterprise” is held jointly by financial institutions in the county with Tangshan central branch of People's Bank of China depending on bank reference of PBOC. And this campaign is playing a great role in pushing forward credit system construction in Tangshan, enhancing corporate credit consciousness, breaking enterprise financing problem, optimizing economic developing environment, and realizing economy development of the county sustainably and rapidly. It is Pang Da Group who has obtained this great honor in successive years.
In line with the regulation in "decisions on appraising and electing of the most trustworthy credit enterprise of Tangshan", the enterprise won victory will enjoy credit privilege described as following in the next year: to enlarge line of credit appropriately, preference to satisfy reasonable mid-short term working fund requirement of business developing, preference to transact business of discount, letter of credit, letter of guarantee and accept banker's acceptance on the premise of eligibility; as for their mid-long term project loan requirement, they have the priority of recommendation to superior; proper favorable of loan interest rate; prior to make "syndicated loan"; as for undue bank acceptance applying by the commercial banks who are already the most trustworthy credit enterprise to make for a discount, the PBOC conducts rediscount for them precedently; and the PBOC priority support the most trustworthy credit enterprises to start business of trade acceptance.