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“There is no pure mediocrity in the world just because he chooses wrong position.” The company implements the talent strategy of “The promising person will have their place and the successful man will make a pile” put forward by the General Manager Pang Qinghua. The company offers corresponding growing platform according to personal career interests and specialized skill which organically combines company’s development plan and employees’ career planning and supplies more development opportunities for the employees. Firstly, the company checks employment of staff strictly and defines talents selection and employment standard with high starting point which consequently prevent incompetent person to be included in a group just to fill in a vacancy. Secondly, we combine actual post with brand characteristic in practical work aiming at different staff teams and finally improve their professional operation ability through training mode such as cycle training and post deepening training. Designate objectives and endeavor direction for the employees by setting and adjusting company’s development goals. Therefore the company sets effective career development route. For the person with both ability and integrity and outstanding behavior coming up during the work, they will be selected into the group’s reserve cadre talents pool that will be the major source of group cadre selection if they are eligible after screening, selection and test. For the in-service medium and high level management cadres, the company organizes to receive top tutor training or short-term learning in senior universities. And the main training contents are macroscopic contents including subject lectures, senior management personnel cultivation, specialty training and training on occupational (licensed) qualification certificate.


By the career planning of the employees, Power Diversity Group satisfies the staff and all the management personnel’s requiring contents in different levels and achieves the balance between enterprise’s human resources demand and staff’s career development and finally wins the result of win-win of both the staff and enterprise. It is also the key point for forming high intensity core competition force and maintaining sustainable rapid development encouraged by our staff’s passion in their jobs and working enthusiasm and group’s development with great cohesive forces.