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Site Policy
Website Copyright and Disclaimer 


Information for this website (website for Power Diversity Group) is provided by related departments of Power Diversity Automobile Trade Co., Ltd. Contents in this web are not allowed for any reproduction by any individual, media and Internet Site as well as organization, nor distorted, revised, copied or appeared on any servicer who does not belong to Power Diversity Group. Copyright reserved. If any discrepancy between the supplied documents and related paper documents, paper documents shall prevail.


All articles marked with Reproduction on this web is transfer from other media with the aim that to pass more information and does not indicate we agree with them as well as not be liable for its authenticity. If it is necessary to reproduce these articles marked with Reproduction, Legal authorization of the related suppliers shall be obtained directly.


We will not make continuous upgrade for these forward looking statements, which have been contained in the information published on this website. These statements reflect views of the website for future events, not guarantee for the future business performance.


Domain names, trademarks, writing words, video, image as well as audio, graph and pictures on this website are protected by Trademark Law and Copyright Law. Any form of copy and reproduction by any organization or individual is prohibited without the written approval of the Power Diversity Co., Ltd.


Individuals who visit the web or use the information on the web directly or indirectly will be considered themselves bound by this statement. The website reserves the rights for pursuing its legal liabilities.
The website reserves the rights for explanation, modification and regeneration for this declaration.


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