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About Us

Power Diversity Automobile Trade Group Co., Ltd is a large scaled automobile marketing enterprise specialized on automobile sales service. The group is originally affiliated to Tangshan Jidong Materials Trade Group Co., Ltd. And its former name is Tangshan Jidong Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd with registered capital of RMB 0.413 billion. Its legal representative is Pang Qinghua.


For many years, following the lead of President and General Manager Pang Qinghua, the company takes “pursuing excellence and repaying society” as its permanent objectives and dedicates to build excellent automobile sales dealer and service brand. The company cultivates the enterprise spirit of “Diligence, Strictness, Struggle and High Efficiency” and the management concept of “People-Orientation, Customer First, Integrity for Live and Integrity for Prosperity”. By thoroughly implementing four developing strategies of “scientific development, innovative development, leap-forward development and international development”, the company grasps opportunities, operates with innovation, strengthens management and acquires great development. Till November, 2008, the company establishes nearly 400 marketing networks in 19 provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China. Its marketable automobile and engineering machine brands reaches 66 types which cover most brands in Europe, America, Japan, South Korea and China. The company forms an automobile marketing network with reasonable layout, complete brands and excellent service.


The company keeps rapid growing trend in sales all the while. In 2007, it realizes automobile sales of 200, 000 vehicles. There are 14 brands among its marketable automobile brands which rank first at the sales volume in the same industry in China. Since 2005, its parent company and the enterprise are amongst Top 500 Enterprises in China for continuous four years. In 2008, the company is ranked 238th among Top 500 Enterprises in China. At the same time, the company is awarded the ranking of 78th among Top 500 Service Enterprises in China. In the appraisal of Top 100 Enterprises in Hebei Province, the company is ranked 5th. Meanwhile, it is selected to be the leading enterprise in service industry. In 2006 and 2007, the company keeps No.1 place among the “Top 10 Enterprise Groups in China Automobile Sales Service” for continuous two years.


 In 1999, the company cooperates with Bank of China, Tangshan Branch and originally creates automobile consumption credit—“Eastern Region of Hebei Province Mode” and applies GPS (Global Positioning System) successfully to the risk precaution of automobile consumption credit. The company establishes and perfects “Six Level Risk Precaution System” and solves the consumption credit venture problems effectively. It not only brings remarkable economic benefits for the bank and the company but also promotes domestic demand, stimulates consumption and makes positive contribution for the development of national economy. It becomes the core competition force of the company.


At the same time of its gradual development and extension, the company always remembers to implement social responsibility. The company continues to hold the title of local first tax contributor for many years. It admits thousands of employees totally. The company supports national commonweal work actively and receives extensive recognition from all social circles. The company is awarded the honorable title of “National Quality • Demonstration Enterprise of Service Integrity”, “National Excellent Automobile Sales Dealer”, “National 10 Best Commercial Vehicle Sales Dealer” and “Super Automobile Marketing Group” successively. And the company is selected to be “AAA Credit Rating Enterprise” and “Best Credit-Keeping Loan Enterprise” by financial institutions for continuous years.